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Quiz: UK Road Traffic Signs - One Track Mind

Quiz: UK Road Traffic Signs

How long ago did you take your driver theory test? Maybe you never had to take one! Either way, part of the test involves identifying road traffic signs, as this is a vital part of driving on the road.  But your learning shouldn’t stop there!  It’s crucial that we regularly refresh our driver theory knowledge to stay safe on the road.  A survey published by RED Driving School showed that a worrying two-thirds of qualified drivers would fail their driving theory test if they had to re-take it, with participants struggling most with road and traffic signs.

Time to test your driver theory knowledge with this short quiz! Can you score 100% and identify these 35 road signs?  Click the link below! Note: the quiz works best when played on a desktop rather than the mobile site.

Quiz: UK Road Traffic Signs

Alice Cary

I've always thought of a car as more than just a way from A to B. It has character, personality, it's a friend that takes you on a journey. If you don't believe me, you're driving the wrong car.

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