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Supercar Driving Day - Audi R8 V10 - One Track Mind

Supercar Driving Day – Audi R8 V10

A few weeks ago I visited Rockingham Motor Speedway for a triple supercar driving day.  The hardest decision was working out what to drive! Eventually I settled on the Audi R8, Nissan GTR and then upgraded my last choice to the Ferrari 458 Italia. 

First up, the Audi R8 V10.

Now these cars are stunning to look at. I’m already an Audi fan so I was extremely excited to drive the R8, and the rain held off meaning the roof was down, even better!

As I drove up to the start of the track, we had to stop to make sure it was clear before joining. I was lucky enough that the BMW M3 was heading straight towards me on a drift lap. It even dived to the left straight towards me before it quickly turned sharply to the right, coming past sideways in a cloud of rubber and smoke. You couldn’t help but smile.

So, I was starting from a standstill. First was engaged and I went for it. I’d barely even pressed the pedal and I could already feel (and hear!) the V10 engine and its mighty 533 BHP. I was so giddy with the excitement and the adrenaline, but I was soon brought back to the task at mind with the instructor shouting to change to second. I was off, eager to gain more speed and pulled the paddle to change up. Clunk. I was so baffled by how slow and uncomfortable that had been, that surely can’t be right? I’d driven the S3 a handful of times, and I was expecting an instant shift and instant return of power. Surely it can’t have been that bad. I pulled again for third. Clunk. I found myself almost willing for it to go faster, but by then I was already braking for the first bend.

It sailed around the rest of the track like it was on rails. It was so easy to drive, the computers do a lot of the work for you so it just felt like driving a normal car, just a lot quicker, obviously.  It would be a great everyday road car, very user friendly and the cabin is also spectacular.  

On returning home, I discovered that the ‘regular’ R8 V10 has longer gears for better cruising ability, and the R8 V10 plus has been described as a “stiffer, faster and altogether a more interesting car” (parkers).  So I would definitely go for that one instead! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to drive that one too. 

Watch how I got on in the Audi here: 


Click here to read how I got on in the Nissan GTR, and my review of the 458 is coming soon!

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